Lite Latch®
Easy Open & Lightweight

With less plastic and a tamper-evident easy open/close quarter turn screw top, this child-resistant and senior-friendly pail is the ideal choice for many clients.

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Traditional Pails
M Series

From grip and rip tear tab to press-on covers, metal and plastic handles, and the premium quality you expect from M&M, these traditional pails are designed for maximum value and dependability.

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Super Kube 4
Economical & Square

A truly square pail that is an excellent size for space saving.

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Super Kube 3
Safe & Sturdy

This modular pail is lightweight and includes a cover that is child resistant and senior friendly.

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Super Kube K2
Lightweight for General Use

A versatile cost-effective FDA-grade polypropylene pail that is lightweight for general use and available in clear and colors.

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Super Kube K1
Life Latch® UN Certified for Solids Group II and III

Available with a slide latch or snap latch, these child-resistant and senior-friendly pails with their rectangle shape will set your product apart and maximize storage space.

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Life Latch® New Generation
Moisture Resistant

This user-friendly screw-top pail provides the ultimate protection for your products. The patented breathable "no gasket cover," also provides a moisture resistant and airtight seal.

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Snap Lite
Freezable & FDA Grade

BPA free and food safe recyclable pail for a multitude of food applications.

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Plastic Drums
12 Gallon

Easy to open and reseal, these user-friendly 12-gallon moisture-resistant plastic drums have an optional and recommended gasket.

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Liquid UN Certified with Removable Cover
Liquid Tight

These user-friendly UN certified air-tight pails provide the ultimate protection for your liquid products.

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Wipes Cover
Punched or with a Fitting

With a broad range of volumes and sizes available, almost any package can have a wipes dispensing option added.

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Revolutionary Pails
Use & Reseal

With two covers in one, the revolutionary pail is the FIRST and ONLY with a press-on, easy-to-open resealing plastic cover.

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Your packaging is your sales team. Think about the last package you used and what it told you? Either you are just another customer, or you are our customer. From small packages to large plastic drums, from round to rectangular pail designs, and from resealable containers to custom packaging solutions, M&M manufactures packaging in the Southeast and Southwest United States just for you. M&M pails are trusted by some of the leading companies in the world and you can find M&M pails and packaging on shelves throughout the world. Here’s a little glimpse into our world, as we welcome you into the family.

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M&M Industries manufactures pails for some of the largest companies in the world. We offer custom printing solutions for our clients, so you receive customer-ready pails.

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We are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products. Contact our customer service agents to receive a sample of our premium pails.

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We work with clients in many industries. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help answer any questions you may have and which pails may be right for your business.

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