Your Complete RFID Partner for Seamless Packaging Solutions

In a new era of packaging innovation, we’re thrilled to introduce ourselves as your ultimate destination for cutting-edge RFID solutions.

As a comprehensive RFID partner, we’re equipped to revolutionize your packaging production experience.

Seamlessly integrating RFID technology, we not only generate and customize RFID labels, but also expertly apply them to your products, ensuring a harmonious blend of convenience, security, and efficiency.

Your journey towards smarter packaging starts here.

M&M RFID Program Includes

  • RFID encoded inlay tag provided by ARC approved RFID inlay manufacturer, adhering to GS1 and ARC standards
  • S1 (2.9” x 0.59”) label printed with UPC numbers, Item Description and EPC logo, produced by Wal-Mart RFID Program supplier
  • Individual serialization numbers for all encoded tags
  • Tag sample, photo and video submission to Auburn RFID lab for validation
  • Label application at the top and back side of the product

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