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Our patented Life Latch container. The Ultimate Pail.

M & M Industries, Inc. manufactures plastic open head containers. We offer several sizes with both screw-top and traditional covers. We produce U.N. Certified packaging for hazardous materials Groups II & III. Our containers are also perfect for many non-hazardous products.

This is the home of the Life Latch® container. The ULTIMATE PAIL for industrial storage containers. The patented Life Latch® cover opens and closes with ease. The pails are child-resistant, senior-friendly, and offer a tamper evident feature.

In addition to our line of screw-top pails, we now manufacture a line of traditional pails. Our M2 pails are U.N. rated for both solids and liquids. They are available in various colors and sizes and can be fitted with spouts, screw caps, vents, tint plugs, etc.

Lite LatchWe love to ship samples. Try us out!